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Services offered

  • Reiki
  • ARCH therapy
  • Korean Hand Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Past Life Regression
  • Psychic Health Readings
  • Certified Stress Management Teacher


  • ARCH Level I, II & Mastery
  • Stress Management for the Busy Professional

Healing Energies

What is Reiki?

An energy therapy made available by the Japanese physician, Dr Usui, in the 1920's.  Literally translated it means "universal life force".  The Reiki practitioner brings the universal energy into the client via the practitioner's hands, making the energy available to heal, harmonize, & balance the client on the body, mind, & spirit levels.  The client is responsible for allowing the energy to work.

What is ARCH?

An energy therapy based in ancient Hawaiian mysticism made available by Laurie Grant in 2001.  More powerful than Reiki, which utilizes the vibration of the emerald ray in the rainbow, ARCH utilizes the vibration of the entire rainbow making it capable of complete, spontaneous healing.  The ARCH practitioner brings the ARCH energy into the client through the use of sacred symbols at the body's major energy centers (chakras).  The client is assisted to realize how they have been participating in the presence of their symptoms, recognizing the benefit that these symptoms have provided in their life, and then actively releasing any blocks or limitations that have manifested in the symptoms of dis-ease.

What is Korean Hand Therapy?

An energy therapy similar to Reflexology but uses the hand to find and release blocked energy in the body by finding corresponding points in the hand.  Excellent for acute and chronic pain with 50-100% relief immediately.  

What is Hypnotherapy?

After being led to a deep state of relaxation the client is given suggestions to facilitate behavior changes and/or interruption of old thinking patterns that have resulted in undesirable behaviors.  The subconscious mind is able to assist the client in choosing more beneficial lifestyle choices.

What is Aromatherapy?

More than just "nice smells", aromatherapy is the use of distilled plant oils that have specific properties capable of facilitating healing or relief for specific ailments.  The properties of the aromatherapy oils reach the bloodstream within minutes whether inhaled (aroma) or applied to the skin.

What is Psychotherapy?

Unlike "counseling" psychotherapy is the practice of helping clients find the right answers for their own life and understanding that clients always have those right answers.  This does involve a certain amount of looking at where they have come from but only in the context of how that knowledge will help to understand previous choices and how to use that to improve their life now.  Depression, OCD, anxiety are not considered "pathologies" but only informative symptoms of underlying issues that the unconscious mind is bringing attention to in order to facilitate healing.  Once these issues are resolved, the unpleasant symptoms disappear, usually forever.

What is Past Life Regression?

Similar to hypnotherapy, the client is led to a deep state of relaxation and is invited to pose a question to themselves with a specific focus on some unresolved issue in their current life.  The practitioner then suggests to the subconscious mind that the client return to the time when this became the issue originally and the client is able to observe this life from a safe point of view.  As emotional energy in discovered, the client is offered the opportunity to release it consciously.  Whether or not it was an actual "other lifetime" is irrelevant since the unconscious mind will always present the perfect metaphor for healing.

What is a Psychic Health Reading?

Using just their hands, the practitioner "scans" the client's body for energetic imbalances and informs the client of what they are feeling.  With the client's permission, the practitioner will re-balance areas of excess or blocked energy.  Information about the underlying "cause" of these imbalances is often also revealed during a psychic reading but the client is always the one to determine the accuracy of this information.