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"Healing the world one heart at a time"

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"There are only 2 ways to live in the world.  One is out of fear, the other is out of love.  I choose love."

Dianne Nauer, ARNP

About my practice:

I am a Nurse Practitioner psychotherapist & energy worker with a passion for balance in all aspects of life.  My path to a holistic practitioner began in the 1970's, and has unfolded in the most interesting way as I have been led from childbirth educator to labor/delivery nurse to psychotherapist to energy practitioner.  Each of these professions has added to my knowledge & understanding of how the mind-body-emotion-spirit are not separate "parts" but a complete system in each individual... and when any part of the system is out of balance the entire system suffers.  Using many disciplines to facilitate healing  has given my clients the opportunity to bring their lives more into balance, often resulting in the resolution of physical, emotional, or spiritual issues.  Giving people the power to heal themselves is my greatest joy!

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