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There's no such thing as a stupid question....

Welcome to my FAQ (frequently asked questions) page. This is a compilation of my visitors most frequent questions.

So what are healing energy,  health and wellness all about?

Health & wellness is more than just NOT being sick. It is about being in balance or harmony in all aspects of one's life...physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual levels. When one or more of these areas is out of balance, physical symptoms manifest in what we have come to label disease (dis-ease). Healing energy comes into play at this level to re-balance the energies of the physical body and provide the opportunity for complete healing, but perhaps more beneficially, can be utilized to maintain balance & harmony in one's life to avoid the dis-ease altogether.

What is healing energy?
According to quantum physics everything is made up of energy. The lower the vibration of the energy, the more "solid" or "dense" it is. Healing energy is a high vibration of energy that has the ability to change physical, emotional, or spiritual vibrations to resonate at that higher level (called entrainment). This high level of vibration can restore harmony and balance at the body, mind, & spiritual levels.
Do I have to believe in it for it to work?
There is no requirement that the individual receiving the healing energy believe in its effectiveness for noticeable results.  The balancing of stuck or absent energy is what allows healing to take place regardless of a person's beliefs.
I am a Christian.  Will this conflict with my religious beliefs?
No.  Energy work complements any religious or spiritual belief system.  The energy used to heal is from the creator in whatever form that takes according to the individual's beliefs.